Taxes / Service Charges

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Select 'Tools' icon
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Select the 'Taxes/Service Charges' icon
to enter the Taxes/Service Charge Area



Taxes / Service Charge Area



Page 1

Taxes: All the taxes in the system will be display on the left side of the screen.

Code: Set the tax code desired, it's recommended to use alphanumeric characters (0~9,a~z,A~Z)

Type: There are  INCLUDED (Tax included in the sale price) ADD-ON (tax on top of the sale price) COMBINE (combination of 2 or more included taxes)

Name: Name of the tax

Rate: You can set the rate the tax will use.

Rate Type: Percentage or Fixed Amount (Default setting is %)

Threshold(Product Price): You can set the tax to only apply if the product price is above certain price, default setting is 0, which means all the product associated to this tax will be taxed.

1.Add button: Add a new tax

2.Modify button: Save changes on the tax

3.Delete button: Delete a tax