ViViMobile - What do I need to know before I start?

The ViViMobile was built as a Table Ordering solution to aid ViViPOS retailers maximise the speed of their business operations. Taking orders on a busy day cannot be easier with the ViViMobile as it diverts the traffic from your main terminal allowing you to speed up the order taking process. Before you start using the app there are a few important points worth knowing:

  • One of our friendly ViViPOS staff members will contact you to establish a connection between your ViViMobile and ViViPOS Terminal. After which they will provide you with login details for the ViViMobile.
  • Table Layout Screen will need to be added. The ViViMobile feeds off the Table information on your ViViPOS Terminal. To have all your tables show up on you ViViMobile app you'll need to set them up. For info on how to do this click here.