Printing Alternative Product Names on dockets


Using Alternative names for your products can be useful if you have kitchen staff that can only read a foreign language for example. Your items can still be show on your ViViPOS in English while your Alternative name section would show a Chinese translation. 


  1. The Alternative name section can be found in your Control Panel under Products. 
    Select the desired product to be able to alter its information
  2. Once you Alternative product name has been chosen you need to activate it through AU Receipt Printing Configuration

  3. The value entered will print the specified Item Name. 
    Please note Default is the actual Product name. Alt 1 and 2 are below it side by side.
  4. Modify to apply settings to the desired printer. Whether that be the Kitchen (Check 1,2,3,4 etc) or Receipt
  5. Select the right one from the tabs above before changing settings.