Promotion Manager

Main Screen 

Control Panel

Select 'Tools' icon
to enter the Control Panel

Select the 'Promotion Manager' icon
to enter the Promotion Manager Area



Promotion Manager Area


The Promotion Manager can set-up promotions based on product, product group departments etc. It is a rule based promotion system, that is highly flexible and configurable for satisfying a wide range of promotion requirements. 

Main Columns of the Basic Tab :
Activate this rule: Enable this option to activate a promotion rule.
Name: Name of the Promotion Rule
Code: Name of the Code
Alternate Name 1: You can provide an alternative name for the rule here
Alternate Name 2: You can provide a second alternative name for the rule here
Tax Rate: Used to recalculate the tax when this promotion rule is activated.

Every promotion rule can have 4 basic settings as illustrated below:

1. Who (Basic Tab): Define the customer group who is eligible to the promotion.
2. When (Time Control Tab): When the promotion rule is applied.
3. How (Trigger Tab): How the promotion rule is triggered.
4. What (Type Tab): What the promotion rule does when the rule is triggered.



Tab 1 (Basic)

Tab 2 (Time Control)

Who : You can specify below 3 target audiences

  1. Member Only
  2. Non Member
  3. Everyone

When (Time Control Screen): You can specify the time period, the promotion rule is to take

Promotion Period – Date Range: You can set the starting and end date, which the promotion rule is applicable.
Promotion Period – Time Range:You can further configure time specific period the promotion rule is applicable.
During what day of the week the promotion rule is used:



Tab 3 (Trigger)

Tab 4 (Type)

How (Trigger Screen): Condition for the rule to be trigger

The “Select Trigger” drop down list has 6 different settings:

  1. Individual Department
  2. Individual PLU
  3. Multi Product Group
  4. Bypass
  5. Individual Group
  6. Multi Department

Type Screen (What) : Select the promotion type

In the Type drop down box, there are 6 different types available which are

  1. Multi Buy
  2. By Pass
  3. Fixed Value
  4. Amount Off
  5. Percentage Off
  6. Cheapest One Free