Main Screen 

Control Panel

Select 'Tools' icon
to enter the Control Panel

Select the 'Condiments' icon
to enter the Condiment Area



Condiment Area



Page 1


There are 2 parts to this screen, Condiment groups and Condiments.


Condiment Groups

Can set multiple condiments into one condiment group to speed up the check out process as well as added flexibility.

Group Name: Name of the condiment group.

Selection Type: Single (mutually exclusive) and Multiple.

New Line: This setting determines if the condiment display will change line automatically.

1.Add Button: Add New Condiment Group.

2.Delete Button: Delete a Condiment Group.

3.Modify Button:Modify Condiment Group.






List of condiments belonging to a specific condiment group.

Condiment Name: Name of individual condiment

Price: Price of the individual condiment.

Preset: If this option is enabled, the condiment will be the preset condiment.

Button Colour: There are 12 colours in the system available for you to choose in the system.

Font Size: Text display size, X-Large, Large, Medium, small.

1. Add a new condiment:  Add a new condiment and price

2. Delete: The Delete button allows you to delete the selected condiment

3. Modify: The Modify button allows you save the modification, such as condiment name, price,
button colour and font size.