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Control Panel

Select 'Tools' icon
to enter the Control Panel

Select the 'Products' icon
to enter the Products Area



Product Group Area


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Tab 2 (Search)


The Product Management module is a relative large module in the system, which is used to configure product related parameters.

The Left part of the screen contains 2 tabs for browsing or searching existing products.

The Right part of the screen contains 10 configuration pages to manage the products. These are:      

(1) Basic(2) Stock(3) Scale(4) Set Items(5) Appearance

Basic information such as product name, product number, bar-code, tax rate, show on menu etc.

Basic information such as unit of sale, low stock watermark etc.To set product to be sold based on the reading from an electronic scale.Configure set menu items.Presentation and display setting such as picture, colour and font size.
(6) Price Levels(7) Condiments(8) Link Groups(9) Variation(10) Miscellaneous
You can set price levels of 1 to 9, and to be applied at different time period.

To set the condiments related info, and can enable select multiple condiments as well as force the display of condiments information in the menu.

Set the product group the product is link to, one product can be linked to multiple
product groups.

Set up product variations like colours or sizeAdditional product parameters such as memo required, age verification flag, non-discountable etc