ViViMobile - Settings

What do the option in the Setting menu mean?

  • Real time pricing: This option controls your product pricing. You can enable real time pricing if you want the price of each product added to the cart to show up in real time. Please note that this process involves the ViViMobile to download the pricing through the internet from your ViViPOS Terminal. Internet speed plays a big role in the response time of this feature which is why we recommend you keep this setting disabled and use Total button to manually download the price of the items in the cart when requested.
  • Hide default table region: This option will hide your Default table region and use only the Regions available on your ViViPOS Terminal.
  • Use cached product menu: Cached data is information which comes from a website or an app that is stored on your device.This data is stored on your IPad, so that the next time you go to use it, it’ll already be available. This setting will use up a small fraction of you IPad space while increasing the speed of your operation. Why it does this? The simple reason is to save on loading time.
  • Use cached table layout: Works in the same way as the cashed product menu option. Stores your table layout on the IPad to save on loading time.