ViViPOS Training Module



  • Transaction Screen overview (Click here for Document.)

  • Departments (Click here for Document or here for Video.)

  • Products (Click here for Video.)
      1. Adding Products (Click here for Document.)
      2. Modifying Products 

  • Condiments (Click here for Documentation.)

  • Transactions (Click here for Video.)
      1. Cash Out orders
        1. Cash
        2. Credit Card
      2. Viewing Orders
  • Destinations (Click here for Document.)
      1. Dine in, 
      2. Take Away,
      3. Phone Order

  • Return/Refund (Click here for Document.)

  • Product Groups (Click here for Document.)
      1. Adding Product Groups
      2. Assigning Products to Groups
  • Devices (Click here for Document.)

  • Function panel Configuration (Click here and here for Document or here for Video.)

  • Reporting (Click here for Document.)
      1. Using Reports (Click here for Video.)
      2. Printing Reports

  • Employees (Click here for Document.)
      1. Adding Employees
      2. Assigning Role Groups to Employees
      3. Signing in

  • System Backup & Restore (Click here for Document.)
      1. Local Backup
      2. Save to USB
      3. Data Export (Click here for Video.)
  • Plugging in the ViViPOS (Click here for Document.)

  • Do's & Dont's (Click here for Document.)