ViViPOS CMOS error

When a CMOS Checksum error occurs during system startup, it could mean that the system has been restored to default factory settings. The CMOS contains data related to BIOS and may have been reinitialized, causing this error. The problem could also occur due to the depletion of the CMOS battery. 

To fix the problem, you will need a USB keyboard plugged in to the VIVIPOS.

1. Press DEL key when prompt on the startup of ViViPOS to enter the BIOS screen.

2. Select Standard CMOS Features and press Enter. Ensure the current date and time for the system is correct, and adjust using Page Up and Page Down key if necessary. Press ESC to go back to the Main BIOS screen

3. Select Load Optimized Defaults, press Y on keyboard for YES then press Enter to confirm.

4. Select Save & Exit Setup once the above steps are completed. Press Y  for YES then press Enter to confirm.