Remote Help

Your ViViPOS Distributor can assist you using the 'Remote Help' Function via ViViConnect 

This will allow them to control your ViViPOS terminal remotely over the Internet. (you will need to have your ViViPOS connected to the Internet to access this function)


It is an awesome way for your Distributor to give remote training or rectify issues.


  1. Main Screen
  2. Select 'Tools' icon
    to enter the Control Panel

  3. Control Panel
  4. Select the 'ViViConnect Settings' icon
    to enter the ViViConnect Settings Area
  5. Remote Help
  6. Select the 'Remote Help' icon

  7. Click the 'Next' button

  8. Ring your Original Place of Purchase  and quote your 'Service Code'

  9. Once you no longer require assistance
    simply press the 'Terminate Remote Assistance' button and the connection will be cut off